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Where the net to identify the most cost-effective hotel in 2015

Date: 2015-07-13

Recently, where net and China's tourism research institute jointly issued "smart traveler choice" - the most cost-effective hotel list in 2015.The list based on the user's real comments, through multiple standard to audition of the hotel, finally 108 hotel with high price advantage winning in the end.
Where the list shows that network covers in the most cost-effective hotel list, 2015 in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, chongqing and xi 'an, shenzhen, hangzhou, sanya etc. The country's most popular 9 cities, from economy, comfort, and high-grade and luxurious four class hotels, each choose the three hotels.
For the selection, where to fully digital network said the selection process, the real reviews data is very important.All included in the hotel to meet the review score above 4.5 points, since June 1, 2014 new article reviews number greater than 30, user comments on the data contained in the "cost-effective, overflow, cost-effective" any one of the key words.Through the above conditions, coupled with popular cities bookings classification of interactive dynamic data, such as the resulting list.
In addition, where to site evaluation of community is equipped with a strict "anti cheat system", eliminate the abnormal conduct reviews, such as hotel malicious brush "rating", maximum limit guaranteed the comments on the authenticity of the data.
Where the net is introduced, in the era of big data, user experience and businesses need to abandon the traditional marketing, intuition and experience of "smart travelers choose" as big data analytics crystallization, where network analysis through the use of advanced technological means millions of new comments on the data, by the user's real comments on filtering and sorting, aims to provide effective reference for users to travel choice the hotel, provide consumers with smart tourist travel plans.In addition, for the hotel business, in addition to the brand value, the "smart traveler choice" where the network platform after transformation is become the most effective tools for the precision marketing businesses, many hotels because this list has boosted the launch of the sales.
In fact, with "smart traveler" list, where network has realized the reputation as a standard, to support the user's hotel reservation decisions.Industry experts believe that where decision between data and applications, on behalf of the online travel development trend and the core of the "wisdom tourism" appeal, in addition to the orders, where a lot of comments on data became the web mining hotel big data value in the other direction, the future value of big data will be extended to the whole of China tourism market.