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Three years to build the stadium Regular free

Date: 2015-03-28

On March 16, national football reform plan, which explicitly mentioned the inclusion to build a football stadium in the urbanization and new rural construction planning. How many in guangzhou football field? The answer is less than 1 per ten thousand people.
Yesterday, the city sports bureau reported guangzhou football field present situation and the latest achievements of planning and construction. Less quantity, the reporter understands, city football field distribution caused by unreasonable utilization rate is low, restrict the development of the football. To this end, guangzhou in 2016 before the end of the new 100 football pitches, and low prices or even open free to the public on a regular basis.
Sixty percent of courses are not open to the public
"Course overall quantity is limited, especially urban per capita index on the low side, education system of the football field is larger, but the overall open rate is not high; distribution in the community, park green space and so on the football field is less, and citizens demand does not match."
The city sports bureau commissioner of mass sports Deng Guangting yesterday told reporters, the southern daily, guangzhou is a wide range of community, the new football in the park. To this end, the city sports bureau specially commissioned guangzhou urban planning survey and design institute of construction layout planning.
It is reported that guangzhou at present there are altogether 977 football fields, among them 527 small football field. Low overall football lots, each every thousands of our fellow citizens on average only 0.76 can be used in football field. Among the less than 1000 football pitches, a total of 594 in panyu, white clouds, flowers and tianhe district. And the population of permanent residents more haizhu, li wan and respectively in the yuexiu district football field only 59, 40, and 34.
Due to more than 80% of the stadium is located in the primary and secondary school and university education system, education system, low occupancy in the football field directly caused the football stadium in the city overall open rate is not high. At present, the city's only 380 of 977 football fields open to the public (including part time opening to the outside world), the open rate is only 38.9%, the lowest rate in open education system, is only 30.1%, sports system in addition to several venues for professional training, nearly all open. 527 and 527 small soccer field is only open to the public, open rate was 36.6%, the open area of 33.41 hectares.
In addition, football areas distribution site also needs to be improved, the city's 977 football pitches, distribution in the park is only 15, about 1.5% of the total; Distribution within the communities and villages and towns is only 69, about 7.1% of the total.
The new stadium built in the community as much as possible
According to the guangzhou football pilot cities work plan (2014-2016) ", guangzhou intends to begin from 2014, three years to build 100 new football stadium. The city sports bureau said yesterday, construction of guangzhou last year 30 new stadium and gradually put into use. This year, guangzhou will build a football field.
The municipal sports bureau, said the new football stadium through transforming the city more spare space, community BianJiaoDe, street green space, park green space, such as public land to complete, rational utilization of land resources. In order to meet the needs of people daily sports fitness, on the basis of the layout of small football community, the convenience and benefit, the site is located in the densely populated, traffic convenient location, "the proportion of football in the community will reach 64%."
"After analysis, we find, yuexiu district, liwan district, panyu district problem highlights, implementation is difficult. Huadu, nansha, Laura hillock area has a relatively high potential. Preferred configuration football field here." Officials said.
In addition, the construction of the football field to meet the demands of urban planning and general land use planning, and not independent floor, belong to the supporting facilities, does not involve planning adjustment and license problem. And the status quo modification or new stadium, sports ground, construction site should be easy to implement, does not involve the demolition.
Low charge free on a regular basis
It is understood that the guangzhou football field currently operating in good condition, all kinds of basic scheduled to be make a block booking way, reserved crowd to enterprises mainly football, football training, community, etc.
"Although the popularity of the pitch is higher, but social participation operation strength is not enough, the operation mode of the guangzhou football field at present is given priority to with independent operation, independent operation of the football field 942, accounted for 96%." Deng Guangting said that the future government will consider introducing social forces, such as club claim, enterprise name, volunteer service way to form a sustainable long-term operating mechanism.
At present, proposed the new 100 football pitches for the government's construction, after the completion of the course transfer of apanage management, ownership belongs to all, as an important part of public sports facilities in community. On the football field the lowest use fixed number of year for 5 years, no caps, five years shall not be used for other purposes. Five years later encouraged to maintain long-term use, and incorporate the construction of sports facilities planning and design conditions. If it is rely on social force for the construction of the community of small soccer field, consider appropriately extended use fixed number of year according to the specific situation.
Football field daily maintenance and management expenses by city proper subsidy fund two levels of body colour. After put into use by low-cost, paid service process for operation and maintenance. However, he also said the football stadium will ensure that free and open regularly, to ensure the public use.