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Guangzhou will be built around 10 new park?

Date: 2015-03-28

Clear out high-end clubs and restaurants, ordinary people walked in! During the Spring Festival, many parks and suburban forest park in guangzhou by huacheng characteristics play project attracts many tourists. Yesterday, the reporter learns from guangzhou city forestry bureau of parks and woods and exclusive, guangzhou this year and will have ten new forest park and meet people, newly built, and the list of forest park would be built this year to the public for the first time. At the same time, guangzhou original flow river, shek mun, the two national forest park will also through three major project to upgrade, improve overall, in the future will be more people.
Last year shut down 18 club park neighborhood
A few days ago, reporters came to baiyun mountain scenic spot respectively, grinding disc sand park, tianhe park, liuhua lake park, such as scenic spots to see, the original is a neighborhood of high-end consumer place, clubs and restaurants have been cleared out. City bureau of parks and woods and forestry to reporters, according to data from last year, strictly implement the central and provincial and municipal relevant requirements, solidly carry out the city park clean-up work for commercial purposes were shut down 18 park club, high-end restaurant. Last year, the agency said, strictly control and supervise the park project establishment, operation and management, and so on and so forth, to organize the formulation of park construction of detailed planning, especially in business projects, shut down gradually restore its public welfare function.
Park belong to the "public", neighborhood, visitors hit, even exurban forest park through service, appreciate the innovation of the project attract more tourists. In flow river national forest park, the National Day last year, this year came during the Spring Festival tourists now. Li-zhen liu, head of the park, told reporters, according to the statistics of park visitors last year, a total of 340000 people, an increase of 44000 from the year before; Tourism business income is 20.72 million yuan, profitability, and calendar year best. During the Spring Festival in 2015 revenue of 2015 yuan, an increase of 71100 yuan over last year.
Reporter saw, this is the park ground and features have a good relationship, populist approach. Original park by tourism infrastructure is imperfect, the forest tourism service quality is not high, tourism products, such as single factors, development serious lag, many guangzhou neighborhood don't even know it as the first established ten national forest park, years of operating losses.
Visit last year, through innovative projects, such as "sunflower tourism culture festival", "2014 flow creek water carnival", "the 13th guangdong conghua flow stream MeiHuaJie and 2014 festival of the maple leaf of the flow stream, flowing river forest park has attracted people's eyes; During the Spring Festival, and through holding "flow creek ChunYun Flowers bloom "winter jasmine flower show, the neighborhood are harder to see at ordinary times of all kinds of flowers all show to neighborhood, attracts many visitors stop.
Two big national forest park plan early
Flow streams: fiscal 75.2 million implement seven projects
This year, guangzhou will have a series of new met neighborhood parks and related list haemorrhage. According to the plan, will be built this year 10 new forest park, including Bai Yunbai mountain forest park; After the zengcheng longshan forest park; Panyu DaZhenGang forest park; Huadu HuaLing forest park, forest park ridge head; Tongtian candles forest park, conghua ShuangFengShan forest park, phoenix reservoir forest park; Laura hill forest park edge science, science city lion hill forest park. At the same time, plans to complete the yuexiu district east city garden, large liwan district shahe 2 and landscape construction.
The most highly anticipated to flow river, shek mun, the two national forest park planning of the ascent of the whole. In late October 2014, the guangzhou municipal party committee secretary ren xuefeng to conghua, request completes the convection springs flow of water and river, shek mun, the protection of the two national forest park, firmly build up the idea of green water castle peak is jinshan yinshan, the quality is beneficial to realize the sustainable development.
Yesterday, the reporter learns from the city forestry bureau of parks and woods and exclusive, ratified by the municipal forestry bureau of parks and woods and field survey for many times, and have been jointly with the municipal tourism bureau, planning bureau, bureau of land room canal lingnan group and conghua government created the flow river national forest park in guangzhou whole promotion planning ", "guangzhou shimen national forest park, the whole promotion plan, will be submitted to the municipal government for approval.
According to the preliminary plan, the park will be in accordance with the "overall planning, the key breakthrough, step-by-step implementation, focus on implementation in nearly 2 ~ 3 years" attractions, function, management ascension ascension "three major projects, in the park to the overall landscape, public service, fine management, and have a big breakthrough in tourism management.
Flow river national forest park is China's first established one of the top ten national forest park. Park, told reporters, head of the project such as dock upgrade, park dominated infrastructure upgrades (first phase), reconstruction of park entrance, wuzhishan scenic valley (youth commune) upgrade, seven engineering projects of wuzhishan scenic view corridor construction, financial investment of about 75.2 million yuan, is now in the stage of budget review or preliminary design review stage.
10 built last year
Evaluated integratedly forest park
City forestry bureau of parks and woods and introduces to the reporter, in order to meet the needs of more neighborhood going into the park oxygen, in 2014, guangzhou has new 10 evaluated integratedly forest park, respectively is: my grandma's forest park, conghua, daikin peak forest park; Zengcheng xiaolou xiangu, fruit forest park is located at jiufeng mountain forest park, looked around xintang forest park; Huadu pangu sen-lin wang park, Laura good pit top forest park, ox horn ridge forest park; Panyu new creation aung SAN forest park; Huangpu cheung chau big forest park.