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This year there will be 2 ~ 4 typhoon influence of guangzhou

Date: 2015-03-28

Information times dispatch (reporter jin-hua gao correspondent Lincoln lo Jinni d.) yesterday afternoon, the guangzhou municipal government held a 2015 three prevention and flood control work conference, the beijiang dike deployment this year the city's flood control task. Deputy mayor, city flood control command ya-wei zhou to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. The municipal government related department and city three members of the flood control headquarters unit leaders to attend the meeting.
According to the forecast analysis of meteorological and hydrological services, is expected in 2015 guangzhou flood season total rainfall than normal slightly less all the year round, influence of typhoon in guangzhou from two to four. But the space-time distribution of the precipitation in flood season precipitation concentration period may appear serious local flood and flash flood disasters, after the flood season in parts of the municipality may occur.
Ya-wei zhou stressed that must strictly implement the responsibility system of administrative leader as the core of flood prevention work responsibility system, especially in the process of institutional reform in guangzhou this year, more should attach great importance to make the replacement and the work for flood control and the exchange, avoid or cancelled due to institutional restructuring from flood control and responsibility "vacuum", earnestly shouldering responsibility, good job, keep the flood prevention work