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Qingming festival small long vacation Guangzhou railway train 81 for extra

Date: 2015-03-28

The reporter learns from the guangzhou railway group, qingming festival small long vacation plan of railway transportation has, on a total of 81 extra trains during the qingming festival, including high-speed emu to 41, sd train to 40, to face the tomb-sweeping day in the history of the biggest passenger flow.
It is understood that this year's tomb-sweeping day small long vacation passenger transport from April 3 to April 6. Four days, guangzhou railway group 4.9 million passengers, is expected to send 1.225 million people daily, the highest day on April 4, is expected to send 1.3 million people, are expected to hit a record high. The early stage of the passenger flow is given priority to with short grave, outing, big cities such as guangzhou, shenzhen, changsha, passenger flow radiation as the center to the surrounding towns, later returning passenger primarily.
As far as possible to meet the demand of passenger travel, guangzhou railway group arrangement maximum capacity. High-speed rail, carry out peak, in the daily operation on the basis of increased bank 40 of the emu, beijing-guangzhou, connect Hong Kong high-speed expansion of the 16, hainan east ring 6 for extra, guangzhou-zhuhai intercity extra 10, 8 for extra mansion deep railway.
If there is a need to know the detailed information, passengers can also log in guangzhou railway official website, guangzhou railway official weibo micro letter or call 12306 railway customer service telephone query.