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Guangzhou most museum with a timer

Date: 2015-03-28

On March 25, the national museum of China formally announced that prohibit timer in its use, it is on it is prohibited to use timer announcement of additional equipment such as photography, to protect the safety of exhibits, safeguard the order of the visit and tour environment, from now on in the museum of banning the use of timer, tripod photography additional equipment, etc. This is the first national museum of formally promulgated "timer" in the library bulletin is prohibited. Reporters visited yesterday is located in guangzhou city and a number of cultural relics exhibition hall, at present only in guangzhou guangzhou museum specifically prohibits use timer in the exhibition hall, other pavilions for protection of cultural relics have security, temporarily to the timer is not restricted.
Only disabled in guangzhou museum exhibition hall
With over 170000 pieces (sets) collection of cultural relics (20000 pieces) of rare and precious cultural relics of guangdong museum, is the guangzhou city has the most "big" in the collection of cultural relics. Curator Wei Jun an interview with our reporter yesterday made it clear that: "at present there is no limit to the guangdong museum temporarily self-timer is necessary, only to some temporary arrangement 'naked show' limit. Because of all public display of the museum collection to the museum, are currently adopted strict security environmental protection measures, on shelves, lighting, and even cultural relics of the dry humidity, there are strict processing."
Wei Jun said that some pavilion limit timer, because timer of the shaft and the audience there may be some hidden dangers of cultural relics. Especially some foreign cultural relics exhibition hall, paintings and sculptures, did not take special protective measures, and guangdong museum excavations have corresponding cabinets.
Different from guangdong museum, guangzhou museum curator Li Suimei made it clear that the party banned camera tripod and timer in the area of indoor use. Li Suimei said: "the aquarium is banned camera tripod and timer galleries in indoor use, but in the open ground use is not restricted. Because some local special narrow space inside the pavilion, and for the exhibition of cultural relics in audience's safety."
In guangzhou Chen clan academy of national cultural relics protection unit, deputy director of the guangdong folk art museum Huang Haiyan revealed that there is no limit to the Chen clan academy temporarily since the shaft is necessary. Because all the cultural relics of the exhibits more, ask how that root timer also can't reach the roof construction of cultural relics.
The limitation on the timer, the western han dynasty south yue emperor museum curator Owen wu put forward a more open and inclusive. Owen wu believes that the museum is a place to need and visitors to interact, as long as it doesn't affect the safety of cultural relics and tourist, you should take a relatively open way. Therefore, on the design of the decoration to the museum, will be relics of early safety factors into account. The strict control of lamplight, the keep humidity, shock protection, to do all in the cultural relic exhibit for arrangement.
Guangzhou flexible measures reflect service consciousness
Random reporter interviewed some audiences are cultural relics exhibition hall, a Chen is guangdong museum audience understand the national museum of disabled since the practice of shaft, but he enjoyed many guangzhou museums to adjust measures to local conditions and not "one size fits all" attitude, namely as long as it doesn't interfere with safety of cultural relics and the audience, not be restricted.
"On the premise of safety as far as possible for the audience to create a relaxed pavilion field environment, wenbo is guangzhou people consciousness of service." A museum in guangzhou named Lin tourists told reporters.